Your Concert Survival Guide.

By: Faith Hendrick

All the do's and don'ts you need to know to survive your first concert.

Jacob Culver of Moontower. Photographed by Faith Hendrick

Alright guys, I know it can't be just me who stresses out the day before a show. You worry about what to bring, what not to bring, how early you should get there, if you should eat before and so on. Lucky for you, I'm here to fill you in on all of the Do’s and Don’ts so you have the best concert experience.


  • Make sure you have your ticket in a safe and secure spot before the show! If your ticket has to be printed out, try putting it in a small picture frame in your room or keep it folded in your wallet until the day of the show!

  • Ask around, see who is going to the show and ask what time they plan on getting there. If you are going to a GA only show, try to get there early in the morning if you want a spot up front, but also make sure you won’t be waiting in line by yourself. It’s always safer to have a buddy!

  • Bring a few water bottles if you’re going to be waiting in line all day! Make sure they are recyclable though because most concert venues will not allow you to bring them into the show so you will need to finish them and throw them out before you go inside!

  • If the venue you are going to has assigned seats, I would still get there a little early so that you can get in line early and get inside to get merch before going to sit down.

  • Most concerts offer food and drinks inside the venue. However, it is kind of expensive, so if you are limited on cash, maybe eat before you get to the venue so you can buy all of that sick new merch and rep your artist!

  • Also definitely dress accordingly to the weather and venue so you aren’t freezing by the end of the night! If the show is outdoors, bring a jacket it will begin to get colder at night.

  • Make sure you come prepared! Bring a portable charger or two in case your phone starts to loose too much battery. Also a really good tip, download the app Google Photos! This app is free and is a very safe way to make sure you don’t lose any of your pictures. Google Photos connects to your photo app and uploads all of the pictures from your library into the app. Once all of your pictures are 100% uploaded you can then delete them all from your library and give your phone a ton of new space so you don’t run out in the middle of the show and can record all the songs you want!


  • Don’t get to the venue at an unreasonable hour, especially if you are going alone! If you are going to a GA only show for a very popular band and you are alone it may not be a good idea to wait in line at 3am.

  • Once you are inside the venue, I know you may want to get to that barricade, but don’t hurt others trying to get yourself there! Everyone is there for the same reason we all came to support the band! Be kind and cautious, it goes a long way!

  • Don’t try to sneak something into the venue. This one is super important to take notice of! Whether it’s alcohol or even just a reusable water bottle, if the venue doesn’t allow it DO NOT BRING IT. Security will stop you and make you throw it away, not only will you be holding up the line, you will also be wasting your own time to get inside!

  • Don’t use your phone too much in line. This can use up all of the battery life and if you didn’t bring a portable charger, you won’t have enough battery to film or take pictures in the show.

All of these tips have helped me so much in the past at shows. I hope you guys are feeling a bit less stressed and are ready to head out to your show! Also, one last very important tip, DON’T WORRY, BE SAFE, AND HAVE FUN. :)