The New Age of Glam Metal!

The rockin’ 80’s are back and in full swing! The loving age of rock and roll, hair and glam metal bands is back.

By Faith Hendrick

Vulken photographed by Faith Hendrick

An LA band, Vulken, is here to bring the past to the present. We sat down and had a Zoom call with the band and got the full inside scoop on what they're all about.

Q: Where did the name ‘Vulken’ come from?

When asked, lead guitarist, Evalentino Di La Razor, mentioned that the idea sparked while driving down Vulcan street in El Paso, Texas. The name also comes from Star Trek. The spelling, however, was how the boys kind of made the name their own.

Q: How does music inspire you?

The bassist of the band, Patrick Perez, says that music has always played a huge role in his life. He says, “I get my thoughts out through my music.”

Patrick wants to unlock the 80’s vault and make sure that Rock N’ Roll lives on through the new generations.

Oliver Sweet, lead vocalist, says he wants the music they make to be an outlet for people. “It’s a really good way to release energy. It’s vulgar, it creates a sense of relief.” Oliver, along with his other band mates, claim that they feel this is what they were meant to do.

"Playing a show is so much fun on its own, especially when you’re playing with your best friends, your brothers." - Oliver Sweet

Q: What other artists inspire you most?

When asked this question, the boys all gave pretty similar answers. The band Vulken is heavily inspired by many different 80’s rock and glam bands. Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin, Etc.

Patrick and Oliver were more intrigued by the bluesy side of rock n’ roll. While Evan and drummer Johnny Crucifix leaned more towards the glam metal that was Motley Crue. One song the band plays is called 'St. Jane'. This song was inspired by the bluesy and funk side of 70’s rock.

Q: What is your favorite song to play live?

“St. Jane or Dirty Dirty because it’s a change of pace, plus the lyrics are really good.” Oliver says when sharing the band’s favorite songs to play live.

Though it was a tough decision, Evan said that it was between ‘St Jane’ and ‘Uncle Jack’. A super fast song that holds influence from ‘Mr. Brownstone’, says the drums are fast and jungle esc which brings a very cool vibe to it overall.

Patrick lastly said ‘Girls on Fire’ was his favorite to play. The song has a very strong riff and chorus that just kicks ass. It’s good and upbeat, has the crowd jumping and dancing along. Another being the band’s tribute to Poison as they sing ‘Talk Dirty to Me.’

Q: Where is your dream venue to play?

Evan kicked off the group’s answers by saing, “Cat House but it’s closed down. Guns N’ Roses would go there everyday and jam out.”

The other boys followed by giving answers such as the Ritz and Troubadour. They say that they want to take Vulken everywhere they possibly can.

Oliver then brought up how he wants to play in Tokyo, saying, “By the time David Lee Roth was twenty-one years old, they were in Japan.” That is what he hopes for his own band.

Q: Walk us through your writing process.

Patrick started by saying, “We all write songs in different ways.” Songs like ‘Uncle Jack’ and ‘St. Jane’ Oliver wrote. Evan usually writes lyrics and shares them with Oliver and that’s how it starts.

Evan had lyrics for their song ‘Girls on Fire’ and shared them with Oliver and now it is one of the band’s staple songs.

“I’ll be sleeping and hear a riff in my head and then I’ll wake up and have to play it the next day and then it’s a song.”- Evalentino Di La Razor

The boys say they sit down together and are always bouncing new ideas off of each other. They record everything through Bandlab, all minus the vocals.

Q: Can you name a show you have been to that really inspired you to become the musicians you are now?

Evan said that his grandfather was a musician. He played the blues. Since he passed, Evan says that he wants to play music for him. He wants to make it higher than his grandfather did and play for him.

Patrick likes reliving the past. He says, “Recordings of shows like Guns N’ Roses when they played at The Ritz in 1988.” That show really spoke to him and Oliver agreed. Oliver says that Black Sabbath was a big inspiration as well.

Big things are to come from Vulken, this is just the beginning for these boys. We can’t wait to see all that is to come from this new aged, flashback band. It’s very cool to see a newer generation keeping Rock N’ Roll alive. Nowhere to go but up from here boys!

Photos by Faith Hendrick

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