Rising band 'Takeover.'

By: Lindsay Longacre

We sat down with local band Takeover to discuss music, songwriting, and musical inspiration behind the group.

Takeover. Photograph by Faith Hendrick.

We sat down with local band Takeover to discuss music, songwriting, and musical inspiration behind the group. Local to Carlsbad, California Takeover is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Reed, guitarist Luke, bassist Chris, and drummer Geddy. We met up with the group at a park in sunny Encinitas, California. After showing us that they can take serious band photos as well as some goofy shots on a tennis court, in a tree, and while hanging out on the swings, the band took a seat on one of the park’s picnic tables and humored me with some answers to some initial “How we became a band” questions.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to sit and talk with us. I guess we can start with how you guys became a band.

Reed: I met Luke through a friend when we were in high school, like sophomores, and eventually I hung out with him and I showed him this demo that I had at the time. Luke was like, “Oh that’s awesome” [so] we decided to collaborate, and we’ve been writing songs ever since. And I knew these two guys (points to Geddy and Chris) back from Colorado, so when they said they were moving out here, we were just kinda like, “Oh we should start the band and everything.”

Luke: We tried it with like other drummers and stuff and it just never really worked out, so we just decided to write songs and play until these two came out here.

Q: Was Takeover the band name from the beginning?

Luke: No.

Reed: No there [were] a bunch of different rough drafts –

Luke: – Iterations –

Reed: Yeah that were really bad, and Luke and I were just trying to figure out the least bad thing (laughs).

Luke: Cuz that’s really what it was about, the least bad (laughs).

Reed: But then once we sat on the name [Takeover] we were like, “Okay, it has a cool vibe and it tells what we want it to say” so we went with it.

Q: I like it. What are some of your musical inspirations?

Luke: For me at least I know it’s like Beartooth and Polyphia. Beartooth is just super raw in their lyrics and stuff and everything behind that is really riff oriented. And then Polyphia is just a whole bunch of like really intricate guitar work and stuff that I like to implement when I write songs and stuff so finding a common ground between really hard riffs, the raw energy, and just solid guitar work is what inspires me and is what I do when I write music.

Reed: For me I got into music when I was like 13 and my cousin showed me Imagine Dragons and their album “Night Visions,” and I just like heard that…and the way it was. That was kinda like the first time I kinda had like music hit me in a certain way so from that point on I was like, “I wanna make other people feel like that.” So, I taught myself guitar, songwriting, and stuff and that just opened a door for a lot of other music that inspired me in the future,

Geddy: I listen to a lot of metal core; rock stuff and I also pull a lot of drumming influence from progressive music.

Chris: I’m really new to all of this (Laughter from all) but I listen to a lot of metal core and stuff. Like it sounds dope so I’m like, “I wanna do that.”

Q: Can you walk us through your songwriting process? Who does what when it comes to collaborating on a song you’re working on?

Luke: So, I would say that the songwriting process starts with me coming up with a guitar riff or something. Then I’ll record guitars and bass and I’ll lay down like a basic drum track [with it.] Then Reed will either give the “That’s good” or “That’s trash” and then we’ll move from there. If it’s good, then he’ll write lyrics over it and stuff and tinker with the drums a little bit and then make it so that he can play it live…that’s pretty much the whole song writing process. Sometimes it gets flipped though and Reed will come to me with like, “Oh I have this song idea with these lyrics” and I’ll change it up a little bit so we can play it live with electrics and [we] give it the more like rock sound.

Reed: He writes better guitar stuff then I do so, I’ll come at him with like a basic core and he’ll change it and make it sound a lot better and I’m like, “Okay cool.”

Q: So, you’ve worked out like a pretty good songwriting system?

Luke: Yeah, we have like a pretty good flow.

Q: Performance wise, have we done any performances? Any coming up?

Luke: We’re just starting to practice it and get the ball rolling on that. Hopefully within the next month or two we’ll actually start booking shows and that sort of thing, but for right now because these guys moved out like last week? (Looks at the rest of the guys for confirmation)

Q: Oh! So, you’re fresh? Like fresh out to California? (I ask Chris and Geddy)

Reed and Luke: Yeah, they’re fresh out. (Laughter from all)

Luke: Like we have our EP written and everything we just need to figure out how to go about recording it and figure out how to get the pro sound without actually going to a pro recording studio. That’s something we have to figure out, but hopefully we’ll start playing live within the next month to two months.

Q: Sweet. We can’t wait to hear about that when it happens. How would you describe your sound?

Reed: I’d describe it as a mix between alternative rock and hard rock, somewhere in the middle, because we have a lot of these lighter, you can say, songs with more like hard rock influences mixed in. I think it makes a really cool sound.

After learning more about the guys and what they aim to accomplish and what we can expect from them within the next few months, I asked the question that I ask most musicians that I meet. Because I go to many concerts and have a list of my favorite ones, I need to know what their favorite concert that they’ve ever been to is. Most of the musicians I meet put on concerts that I enjoy, so I like to know some of the ones that they have enjoyed.

Q: What’s your favorite concert that you’ve ever been to?

Luke: I’d say one of the best concerts that I ever went to was [when] I went to Motley Crue’s final show in LA. They were ending their final tour and it was like their last ever show and that was just epic. Another really good one for me was when I saw, I think it was All Time Low and Sleeping with Sirens. That set was really sick…Sleeping with Sirens opened, and they just came out with this crazy energy…the auditorium, the sound, and everything sucked but the set was so good, and they had so much energy it made the whole concert worth it and super sick. Then All Time Low came out and they just crushed it, so I’d say those were definitely some of my top two.

Chris: I guess one of my favorite concerts was Warped Tour 2016, we saw Bless the Fall and that was like the craziest show, like I had to buy a new hat and I know my friends had to buy new shoes because it was just crazy. And the first time I saw Escape the Fate was with A Skylit Drive too and that was like the first concert I went to when I knew like all the lyrics and it was just crazy plus I had Craig Mabbitt up on my shoulder and that was cool.

Geddy: Mines probably a close tie between that same Escape the Fate show and then I went to Nashville and saw a band and they played their new album like with strings and horns and a choir and everything, it was awesome.

Reed: I think mine was recently, I saw Of Mice and Men with this guy (points to Luke) and that was the first time I’ve ever been to like a metal show, and I love metal, but it was just so much fun. Like that was the first concert I feel like I’ve ever been to where I could let go and just be myself and know that I was surrounded by other people who felt the same way about the music, so it was a really cool experience.

Takeover is just getting started, but be on the lookout for new music and gig dates that will be dropping soon. Follow the band’s socials to stay updated on all things Takeover. We’re excited to see what’s to come, home you are too.