New Name, Same Great Content

As most of you may know already, if you follow us on our social media sites, we had to make a slight change to our magazine’s original name. It came to our attention that our original name “Drowned in Sound” was already the name of a magazine in the UK. In order to stay away from any sort of legal trouble and so as not to step on anyone’s toes we decided to alter the name of music magazine to “Down with Sound” instead. This way it is still similar to the name that we were so fond of, but it remains to be a name that is solely our own.

As sad it was to have to change the name, we want to ensure our readers that the content that the magazine delivers will remain the same. We still want to bring you the best music content as possible with our concert reviews, new music updates, tour announcements, art galleries, and personal fan stories and experiences. This is so we can continue to create a community for music lovers who engage with the magazine. We recently added a section to the magazine where YOU can become a contributor with either your writing or photography. We look forward to going through those forms and choosing some of you to add to the content and help extend the work to others.

-Lindsay & Faith