2020 Has Screwed Us, but There May be a New Solution...

Just when we thought the music industry was going down..

By: Faith Hendrick

The music industry took quite a hit from 2020. We’ve had shows and tours cancelled left and right. Not only is the current state of our world messing with our live shows, it has also made it harder for our favorite musicians to record and release new tunes.

We have seen our favorite venues being forced to shut down temporarily and that on its own has the music lovers shook. While we have seen other career fields finding new ways to open up and still respect Covid-19 protection guidelines, we have yet to hear much from those in the Music Industry.

Our social media feeds have been filled with the sorrows of bands and artists having to reschedule their shows and upcoming tours. Bands and artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Sad Summer Music Festival have already begun releasing their rescheduled tour dates.

Though Live Shows have been limited due to the inflammation of Covid-19, there have been some creative wheels turning in Artists’ brains. Recently, we’ve seen bands getting creative with their performances. Moontower, a local band to the LA area, with the help of their wonderful creative team, was able to put on a Virtual Live Tour! While fans were devastated about not being able to see and hang with the band, they surprised us all with an EPIC online tour!

Fans were ecstatic to say the least. The band and their crew worked their butts off to make this tour equally as legit and energetic as their live shows. There were even opportunities given for photography passes. There were four dates for the tour. Every night from July 5th to July 9th, we were given an Awesome live performance!

Not only was each night bumping with music, unreleased hits, a full length album and even some acoustic songs all performed live by Moontower, we also were able to experience four different opener’s sets as well! OSTON kicked off night one, getting the fans hyped up. This pop performance had a slight punk twist, causing everyone to be bouncing along to their cool tuned beats. Night one, Moontower performed their first album, The Ballad Of William Hollywood: Season 1, in full, start to finish. Fans enjoyed, singing along in the safety of their own homes.

As much as I’d love to be at an in person show again, Moontower’s virtual tour was truly an experience never to be forgotten! Between the awareness of social issues in our society, the design, the change in setlist each night, I haven’t found myself smiling this much this entire year (and maybe a few tears were shed)! My favorite part was the meet and greet portion after each show! It was so fun to talk with the band and all the fans in the zoom room! Can not wait until I can be pressed against hundreds of sweaty people in the crowd but until then, viva la Virtual Tour!

-Samantha Hoopes

Not only were fans able to enjoy these altered live performances, but we were able to support great causes while doing so! The band donated 100% of their tour’s proceeds to support two wonderful charities! The first being in full support of the Black Lives Matter protest, the Know Your Rights Campaign. The second being NIVA (National Independent Venue Association) which is supporting small and independent stages and venues to keep from closing their doors as their main source of income has been facing big challenges with the current state of the world.

Night two of the What Day Is It Virtual Tour began with a short performance from The Shakes. A short but extremely cool set from the Indie-Pop band. They performed in the safety of their home, giving us a performance to sing and vibe along with. Moontower played shortly after, giving a laid back acoustic set that the fans were able to interact with. While everyone watched the performances on Zoom at home, the band would unmute everyone’s mics, allowing the fans a chance to sing along with each other and the band.

The third night, we started off with a performance from Sleeptalk, this band has a cool indie punk style to them and kept the energy alive! We then got a special performance from Moontower where they sang their three most recently released songs and an unreleased song called Guess I’m Jaded!

For the final night of the tour, Moontower was accompanied by a band called Beginners. They kicked off the night with some pumped up songs and performed the whole show with high energy, making it exciting for the fans listening in at home. Moontower ended their tour by performing a very special setlist that the fans themselves got to pick! As they pulled song names out of a small bowl. The band performed in front of one of their original stage sets causing this performance to be a bit nostalgic for a lot of the fans and making this an extremely memorable experience for everyone.

It is very easy to find yourself losing motivation to keep a creative mind during such crazy times, but these bands and crew members have shown just how important it is for all of us to keep creating! Thank you to the bands that gave us performances of a lifetime to enjoy for each night and to the incredible team behind the scenes for making the tour available for our eyes!

Content is limited right now, so we really have to make the most of what we have. We can’t wait for our live shows to be able to pick back up again, but in the meantime, go find a virtual show! Watch concert videos on a big screen! Get dressed up and have a dance party in your room, make the most out of what you have. Stay positive and healthy. We have shared links to the Know Your Rights Camp. and NIVA, along with their socials so we can continue to educate ourselves, use our voices and show as much support where we can. Stay healthy everyone!

Photos by Faith Hendrick

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Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/beginners/829316535