Cheezface: Circumstantial Pestilence
A review by Damned By Light

Cheezface is a trio-based unit from the United States. It was founded by its main man Bryan Stancil in '05, and, according to the promo-leaflet, has released twelve albums since. This, however, is the band's first pro-CD-release. As a short description, the band plays dark, twisted and slightly humorous type of IDM. The album's source sounds were recorded at over a hundred bathrooms and truck stops. This source material was then re-mixed, altered, twisted and perverted to create a basis for the songs.

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Updates, updates, updates!! CxFx is getting ready to unleash their new album "Concerto de Horreres" on They are also currently booking a mid-Summer tour with Skull Vomit, which will immediatlly be followed by a mini-tour with Arago's Wheel!! Busy fellows, those Jenkins bros.

Amazing news!! The Cheezface remix for DJ Skull Vomits "Anitgoon" is now officially on the "Antigoon Remixes" album! Released today on Jay Randall's(Agoraphobic Nosebleed) label: Grindcore Karaoke. Download it today!!

Tour was a smashing success!! Thanks to Balazs Pandi for joining CxFx on the road! We're now back at Jostling Elders Studio in Charlotte, NC recording the new LP "Concerto de Horreres".




Now booking dates for Summer tour with Balazs Pandi with the live band CxFx. Touring the East Coast from 6/26 to 7/4.

Circumstantial Pestilence is out now!! It can be hoarded at
$10 includes:
1 CD(featuring artword by the awesome Lou Rusconi!!)
1 EP - Glade In Mitch(digital download)

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